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  1. atelier Honda

    De Rosa Professional 1988. Echipare integrala C record. Ultimul model de De Rosa cu cablurile pe afara.
  2. atelier Honda

    Pinarello Treviso 1985. The frame is completely chromed under the paint. The paint is in great condition with a couple of places where you can see the chrome . This frame features a lot of Pinarello pantography on the frame and fork, chromed seat stays, chromed fork, chromed Campagnolo dropouts. The bike is equipped with an excellent condition, complete Campagnolo Victory groupset with a pantographed chainring and stem.
  3. Făceai pauze la coborâri???
  4. In 20km i-au zburat capacele si a zgariat schimbatotul? Ciudat. La magazine n-ai sa gasesti asa ceva. Un capacel din acela mi-a trebuit si mie ca s-a rupt in zona surubelelor, probabil l-am strans prea tare desi nu sunt cioban, trabuie stranse foaaare fin, crapa repede. Am gasit intamplator la cineva care stricase ergopowerul respectiv intr-o cazatura dar capacelul era bun. I-am dat 5 lei si am rezolvat.
  5. Am fost intr-o delegatie de la Timisoara la Alba Iulia. Ca sa imbin utilul cu placutul, am facut deplasarea cu bicicleta. La dus am facut 247 km, impartiti in doua zile (150+100 km), plecat din Timisoara luni pe la ora 12 si am ajuns la Alba Iulia marti pe la pranz. La intoarcere am pornit din Alba pe la ora 11 a.m. cu gandul de a proceda la fel, sa fac o pauza (cu cazare sau la cort) pe la 150-160 km si azi sa fac restul. Pe parcurs am schimbat planul pentru ca simteam ca pot sa o fac dintr-o bucata. Am ajuns pe la 3 dimineata acasa; am schimbat usor ruta fata de dus pentru a evita niste scurtaturi pe drumuri rele, care m-au incetinit foarte mult. Am preferat drumuri mai bune, mai lungi, mai circulate dar mai rapide. Asa ca totalul totalului (dus - intors) a ajuns la 500,10 km. Iata cam ce a iesit, cu scuzele de rigoare pentru lipsa de experienta in ale filmatului si in ale montajului.
  6. atelier Honda

    Tommasini Super Prestige Columbus Slx 1991 echipat Dura Ace 7402
  7. atelier Honda

    Rossin Crono cromor Columbus Matrix 1988. Echipare Dura Ace 7402, Sa San Marco Regal
  8. [emoji6] Trimis de pe al meu SM-G925F folosind Tapatalk
  9. atelier Honda

    DIn colectia personala 1977 Martelli, a custom bike, built for Giampiero Martelli, a rider for Salvarani Team. Talking with different bike passionates I couldn't trace the builder of this frame, but considering its details, it is the work of a true artigianno, maybe even a one of its kind bike. The bike is completely equipped with Campagnolo Nuovo Record Pat. 77 groupset with some Super Record splash to lighten it. This bike features unique details like the "M" shaped lugs, screw in front derailleur, an early atempt to a braze on derailleur, and boltless brake calipers. The Campagnolo blake calipers have the bolts integrated into the frame. I suppose this was done to achieve a lighter frame construction due to a thinner fork crown and brake bridge. There is also the advantage of not needing to arange the caliper on the middle, because the spring has a fixed postion. The original paint is in very good condition with some scratches but no rust and no dents at all. The bike features a tripple Campagnolo Pat. 77 crankset which is built with longer screws to accept 52/46/42 chainrings and the matching Campagnolo Nuovo Record Strada bottom bracket for a correct clearence. I chose for this bike a lightweight Selle Royal Contour Superleggero and handsew leather on the 3TTT Superleggero handlebar to maintain the exotic look and feel of the bike. Even though the Campagnolo Victory Crono aren't period correct for this bike, I really love their design, lightweight and strength, so I choose to build the wheels with large flange Campagnolo Super Record hubs, double butted Hoshi spokes and these great rims.
  10. iacobdoc

    Ehei! Tineretea e frumoasa intotdeauna. Dar cum se spune: "Cine poate, oase roade, cine nu, nici carne moale.".
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