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  1. Hi, short update: About one week ago, Christian and Annette arrived at Almaty. Now they are filming and taking pictures in the Tian Shan mountains for a week. Next weekend Dirk Blume and Michael Grünebach will arrive in Almaty and on the following Monday the chinese part of the Ultratour will be started. At the moment it is not clear if cycling on the Xinjiang Tibet Highway will be possible, due to several hundred kilometers spanning road construction works. Erik
  2. Neuer Beitrag: Ultratour 2011 – rund zwei Drittel sind geschafft.

  3. Hello, Christian and Annette are now in Shymkent, in the south of Kazakhstan. Crossing the steppe was rather exhausting (temperatures up to 45 degrees) and myriads of mosquitos an ticks, but all went well. At the time it's unclear wether cycling through China will be possible as planned or if they must choose another route. Erik
  4. Hi >What kind of rim it was? I don't know the exact type and manufacturer of the broken rim. Christian bought a new one in Volgograd. Two days ago Christian and Annette arrived in Atyrau, Kazakhstan. Rather hot there and myriads of mosquitoes and ticks. Erik
  5. Hello all, >Hallo Erik,I was in vacantion until today,what's happend with them?Where are them?They across Romania? Christian and Annette arrived in Odessa End of April, 10 days later they crossed the ukranian-russian border and cycled to Volgograd where they arrived in May 17th. Now they are cycling towards Astrakhan, I think they will arrive there end of the week and I suppose there will be a new posting on the webblog then and if I get some more pictures there will be a new picture gallery. So far 4 spokes are broken and a rim also, but this was fixed in Volgograd with the help of the nice members of the bicycle club Orion. I you can't understand German, than you can try the above posted links for an automatic translation of the blog. Sometimes this works rather ok. Or feel free to ask. I will try look here about once a week. have a nice time, Erik
  6. Hello, > Good for them and happy birthday for Christian.Roumanian red wine's are very very good. ;) The next day Annette and Christian went by bycicle to Vislau. This was rather exhausting because of a lot of steep climbs and descents (or because of the wine ;-)???). The following days they traveled through Moldova towards Odessa, where they arrived a day ago. I thing there will be new pictures and a report on the blog this evening. Erik
  7. Neuer Beitrag:: Ultratour 2011 – die ersten 10% sind geschafft

  8. Hello, > From Gheorgheni to Piatra Neamt the road is difficult...but the landscapes are wonderful if the weather is OK. Annette told me, that it was a little bit cold, but they did a lot of filming during the last two days and took lots of pictures. So I think this is really a beautiful area. Today Annette and Christian arrived at Bacau and celebrated Christians 40th birthday with a lot of red wine. So no posting today at the weblog :-)) Erik
  9. short update: Annette and Christian arrived in Runc today. Erik
  10. I've created two topics in your international forum Ultratour 2011 english and Ultratour 2011 deutsch. Please feel free to ask if you have any questions. Erik
  11. small correction: Annette and Christian started today in Cluj-Napoca after a one-day rest, not tomorrow. > As for the language barrier, English is understood by a significant percentage of our population :) You can also try to use Google Translations for reading the Ultratour blog: German to Romanian automatic translation German to English automatic translation Sometimes it's rather funny what Googles translates, but perhaps you get an idea. have a nice day, Erik
  12. Hello all, some informations in english, since I don't speak Romanian an you possibly not German. Harry postet some days ago a hint about in this Forum about the Ultratour 2 with a link to the blog Christian Rottenegger and Annette Kniffler are going by bike about 12.000km from Augsburg/Germany to Tibet/China and they want to climb the Shisha Pangma (8027m). On the blog you can read some information about the Ultratour (only German, sorry) and some stories about the voyage. During the next days we will post some new pictures. Annette and Christian are travelling now Romania und started tomorrow moring in Cluj-Napoca after a one-day rest. The next planned stations are: Today going to Reghin, then Topliṭa, Gheorgheni, Pitra-Neamṭ, afterwards likely to Bacǎu and Vaslui. I'm only in contact with Christian and Annette from time to time. They have a mobile phone, but it is most of the time switched off. If you want to meet both or want to ride some kilometers with them, please send me your telephone number. I will forward it to them (but no guarantee the information will reach them in time). Christian and Annette only speak German and English, so talking in Romanian will be difficult :-) If you want some further information, please feel free to ask. Erik