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  1. Thanks so far for all the tips. Great! I guess the snow will keep all of us busy with other sports for some time. Looking forward to Spring and biking! //Sigge
  2. Hi, Sorry for posting in English - I'll do my best to learn some Romanian as soon as possible. I'm moving to Bucharest within some weeks and need some help to find some good rides and hopefully good company. I'm from Sweden and into All Mountain riding and freeriding. Having been many times to Romania I've seen the beautiful nature and I'm so much looking forward to explore it by bike. However, totally new in your country I'd need some advice. Is this the forum for teaming up for rides spontaneously? Or are there some regular days you go for rides where I can team up? Any good trails not to far from where I will live (close to the American School, Pipera Boulevard)? Any advice how to find people to bike with in the closest mountains (going by car from Bucharest)? Any special place/forum to learn more about freeriding in the mountains (push bike, lift or shuttling)? I'd be so grateful to receive some help getting started. Just for you to understand what kind of biking I'm into I've attached some links with threads I've posted on the Swedish Mountainbike forum: Whistler: Bulgaria: Sweden and Norway: Winter in Sweden: Multumesc in advance /Sigge