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  1. We arrived in Tulcea today and tomorrow it's our intention to continue our trip to Costanta. It appears that the DN22 is the more straightforward road. One question: since the distance is more or less 127 km, how is the route from the point of view of slopes ? Is it maybe like the Galati-Tulcea 8-X Thank you for the answers. Corrado
  2. OK, yesterday we passed the border Reni-Giurgiulesti-Galati with NO PROBLEM and in this moment we are in Tulcea. Tomorrow the trip continues, ... destination Costanta. The landscape and the road in the between Galati and Tulcea is really very beautiful. Thank you for your support. Corrado
  3. Excellent pictures and more than a fair presentation of your beautiful country. The reading has been very useful in understanding and preparing myself in view of my upcoming cycle trip thru the Balkans. Thank you. Corrado (Milano-Italy)
  4. Hi Claudiu, it will a pleasure to share part of the trip with you. We are in three and generally we will use b&b but we will carry also a tent in case of difficulty to find some place to sleep. At the link below (i.e. the Italian forum of "Il Cicloviaggiatore") you will find approximate dates of our trip. A few days before arriving in Dobreta I'll get for sure in touch with you.
  5. Hi, my name is Corrado and I'm Italian. Starting on April the 29th, myself and two friends of mine, we will start a cycle trip across Europe named "From Yalta to Budapest through the heart of Balkans" crossing South Ukraine, Moldova, Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia and Hungary. Now it's almost time to go ... so from now on, the trip will continue here: thanks in advance to anybody who will feel to participate. Corrado (Milano-Italy)
  6. It's almost time to go, from now on the trip will continue here: thanks in advance to anybody who will feel to participate. Corrado (Milano-Italy)
  7. ok, thank you, I posted the question directly to "", ... and now let's see what happens ... 8-X
  8. thank you a lot corrado
  9. Anyone has up-to-last-minute information regarding border crossing between Reni(UA) and Galati (RO)? Is it possible to cross the narrow strip of land within Moldova territory just "walking" or "cycling" without taking whatsoever public transportation as a bus or a taxi ?? Thank you. Corrado