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  1. Thank you, Grădina Zmeilor will be definitely worth to look. I planned to go this street anyway, but I did not know about the sights on the way. Yes, this is clear. But how can I come from Baia Mare to Calinesti-Oas and further to Halmeu? There will be only the Dn1c. I have heard about heavy traffic on this road. Anyway, I have now the definite information from Ukrainian Border Guard that it is NOT possible the cross the border at Halmeu by bicycle. I need to find a car that will pick me up. Stupid Ukrainian rules... Probably it will be easier to go via Satu Mare, cross the boarder to Hungary at Petea and then cross into Ukraine at Tiszabecs. Then I can go further to Muncaci (UA). By the way, is anyone interested in the whole route I planned? Then I can upload the track at and will give you the link. Thoralf
  2. Yeah, I know that bridge. I crossed it last year. This year I want come from Apuseni (or Cluj) and cross to Ukraine at Halmeu (if it is possible, which I am not sure of). From Jibou there are only two possiblities: either via Satu Mare (I have been there already last year), or via Baia Mare, which will lead me on the Dn18. I have heard from friends that this road is overcrowded with heavy duty traffic. So I was looking for a third possibility. @radu_vadan: The Dn107M is already planned! :) I will go there definitely. And I hope to get a glass of local wine. This area is Hungarian-speaking? @Drysna: Gârda de Sus would also be a nice place for hiking, not only for the caves. Maybe I can climb (or go there by bike?) up to the Curcubate Mare. @diorgulescu: Very nice pictures, thank you very much! This is really a nice countryside there. All the roads look good to me. I have only 3 weeks time, maybe I can ask my boss to take 4 weeks off. When I stay longer in the Apuseni, then I will skip the trip through Ukraine. From Satu Mare to the city of Kosice in Slovakia it is roughly 190 km - and there goes my train home. For your interest I will attach a picture of my bicycle. Greetings Thoralf
  3. Hallo folks, I am new to the Forum. I come from Germany. Last year I made a bicylce trip though Ukraine and crossed Romania for two days (from Sighetu Marmateij to Satu Mare). This year I want to see more of the country. I plan to start in Belgrad, follow the Danube to Dobreta-Turnu Serverin, cross the South Carpathians roughly along Lacul Valea lui Iovan - Campu lui Neag - Petrosani - Lacul Vidra - Brezoi - Salatrucu - Transfagarasan. Then through Transylvania to Satu Mare and further to Slovakia (either through Hungary or Ukraine). I have a couple of questions, I hope you can help me: (1) What is the quality of the road crossing the Cerna Jiu pass?,22.840269&hl=de&ll=45.226063,22.81414&spn=0.169022,0.278435&num=1&t=p&z=12 Is is possible to go the by bicycle or is it just a footpath? I will have Marathon Dureme tyres 50-559, offraod would be okay, but no singeltrails. (2) I will arriva at the Transfagarasan around 15th July. Will it already be opened? (3) I plan to cross near the cities of Aiud and Turda. I want to see something of the Apuseni. The only road leading into the mountains is the Dn75. Is there heavy traffic on that road? (4) Is it possible to cross the river Somes at this point:,23.305256&hl=de&ll=47.722235,23.309212&spn=0.161442,0.278435&num=1&t=m&z=12 I found information about a ferry, but I do not know, if it is still in service or not. (5) The border to Ukraine at Halmeu. Is it possible to cross it by bicycle? I know that the Ukrainians do not allow crossing the border on foot or by bike at several places (e.g. in Uzhhorod (to Slovakia) or to Kroscienko (to Poland)). Is there any information about it? Thank you for your help in advance! Thoralf PS: I must appologize for not writing all the Romanian letters correctly. This ist difficult with my keyboard.