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  1. This one is definitely in our schedule!
  2. Thank you for your suggestions and time, folks! We will take your recommendations into account in next few days. We definitely plan to visit Bran Castle (and as many as possible other Dracula's castles. :) I'm now confused which one is the ONE)! This course, Piatra Craiului, looks great and I have already suggested this one to the rest of the crew. We are planning to sped 10 days in Romania. We'll reach Sibiu by car and from there it's going to be only bikes,backpacks and us. We feel much better offroad so I hope we'll stay on unpaved roads as much as possible. In case it is necessary or it could save us a time or it can keep us away from paved roads we will use other kind of transportation. We plan to finish our journey in Bucharest sightseeing, and then we'll take train back to Sibiu.
  3. Hey! That's what I'm talkling about! Regarding experience level...Let's say we are small company of three with above average skill. We prefer offroad climbs, and singletrack descends. Simple dirt roads, roots...does not mattes as soon it is ST. We start from Sibiu this Weekend and plan to reach Brasov and Sinaia within 7-8 days of cycling. I know there must be a lots of singletracks, beautiful views and high peaks. As I can see Bucegi mountains are the best when it comes to what we prefer, right? And regarding lifts during summer...it is not a big deal. We thought if there was some bike park with lifts we could spend a day or two playing around. It's not a big deal if lifts do not operate during summer. The same thing is in our country. Olympic mountains around our capital are made for biking during summer but no one cares...Nevermind, we prefer climbing by bikes anyway! As I said, it would be great if you guys could provide us with some tracks or tips how to find particular attractive routes and singletracks. Thanks!
  4. Hi, I have just registered on the forum looking for assistance on some issues about mountainbikung in Romania. A small crew from Bosnia is planning to go to Romania next weekend. Of course, I am the member of the crew. We plan to ride as many trails an possible and to climb as many peaks as possible by bike. We start our journey in Sibiu, planning to reach lake Balea at the end of the day, or sooner, if possible. Is it possible to find accomodation near Balea lake? I can see there's a hotel on the lake, but I am not sure if it is open nor I can make a reservation for one night or two maybe... From Lake Balea the plan is to go East to Moldoveanu peak riding the trail where possible. Has anyone ever tried similar thing and what are the chances to bike most of the trail from Balea Laek to Moldoveanu peak? As I said before , we plan to ride every trail we can. Carrying bike is not an issue. How about Bucegi mountains? We also plan to visit Bucegi? Many dirtroads to ride , definitely, but we are interested in singletrails more. How about this? I have read somewhere that there's some technical singletrail from Heroes Cross leading down, to the walley? Can anyone tell us more about this? We are still in the planning procedure, so any sugestion is appreciated as well as gps tracklogs, Google earth files, links etc. Is there bike park anywhere in Romania? Ski center offering lifts for mountainbikers and hikers during summer? I hope we will be able to give you a hand once you visit Bosnia and Herzegovina and ride trails across our mountains, so wellcome! (( www.mtb.ba)) Thank you in advance! Regards from Sarajevo, Bosnia.