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  1. Coolalcoy

    Sorry @@Croocodillul. Thanks for your answer! I happen to be in Sinaia with the family (I could't ride) and I say very nice trails up in Cota 1400 and around. It looks just amazing! Do you know where I can rent a enduro bike for a weekend? Maybe in Sinaia I guess, I am doing a bit of research. Thank you very much for your offering about going with you guys. For me it is perfect if we can eventually go to Sinaia once, I would love it. And it is pretty close so we can be back in Bucharest reasonably soon. I am looking forward to ride in Sinaia and Brasov. All the best and many thanks!
  2. Coolalcoy

    Hi guys, I am new in Bucharest and I would like to get in touch with some bike riders in the city. I don't know any trails. I don't know where to go to do some enduro trails. Sorry but I don't speak Romanian yet. Thanks in advance, Sergio
  3. Dear friends, I am new in Bucharest. I am a biker willing to go out with other bikers. I normally do enduro / allmountain around Madrid in Spain where there are many mountains and trails. I will be able to ride during weekends. Sorry guys I don't speak Romanian yet. Thanks, Sergio