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  1. Registrations opened! Registrations for Bike Odyssey 2018 opened today and will remain open until 31.12.2017. Register now! 8 Days Race Registration 3 Days North Bike Odyssey Registration 3 Days South Bike Odyssey Registration
  2. The participations of the Blue Offer! The blue offer for last years’ participants of Bike Odyssey and journalists is over! The 8-day event participants' table has already been uploaded to the site, and until tomorrow the tables of the 3-day races will have been uploaded too. The Bike Odyssey team tries every year to upgrade the race services. Within this framework, the graphics of the participations were upgraded. Now by selecting the team you are interested in, you will be able to see some details about it and this option will also be applied individually for each athlete. You will also be able to filter and see which teams will be in the same category as you and who are from the same country as you. Check out the entries: Get a taste of the registration form! Tomorrow at 24:00 in the night, will open the registrations for Bike Odyssey 2018! Check out the form to have ready the details that you will need. Here is a photo of the necessary details for the 1st participant of the team. You will have to fill in the same details for the 2nd participant too. The date of birth is in the form of month-day-year, so be careful when filling in, otherwise it will show an error. And do not forget! The fastest will be those who will get the offers!
  3. Get ready! In 1 day the registrations opening!One day left for the registration opening for Bike Odyssey 2018! We remind you that the registrations will open on 01/12/2017 at 12:00 in the night (midnight 30/11 - dawn to 1/12) and will remain open until 31/12/2017. The first and fastest athletes will get big discounts on participation packages. Select the package you want and target the best offer! For more details: 8-day Participation Packages 3-day Participation Packages
  4. Registrations’ opening in a month! Only 1 month left until registrations opening! On 01.12.2017 at 12:00 a.m. (at midnight 30/11-dawn to 1/12) will open the registrations for one of the toughest mountain bike races in the world, Bike Odyssey 2018! The registrations will remain open until the 31.12.2017. The athletes, who will be registered sooner, will benefit great discounts in participation packages, both in 8-day and 3-day races. For more details see: Packages of 8-day Race Packages of 3-day Races So do not waste time, find a teammate, subscribe directly and you will have the most thrilling experience of your life in amazing price!
  5. Super Deals on participation packages! On 01.12.2017 at 12:00 a.m. (at midnight-30/11 dawn to 1/12) the registrations for Bike Odyssey 2018 will open and will be accompanied by unique offers on participation packages! See the deals for participation packages and try to get the best for you: Offers for 8-day Bike Odyssey Offers for 3-Day Bike Odyssey (North & South) For any clarification do not hesitate to contact with us!
  6. Watch the teaser video of the race!
  7. The epic mtb race returns on 17.06.2018 for the 6th consecutive year and promises to be more exciting than ever before!The most hard and demanding mtb race last year left its mark in the cycling community both inside and outside borders! 8 days, 8 stages, 620 km and 19.800m altitude difference will raise your adrenaline and will offer a unique experience for sure!From beautiful Smixi of Grevena, each participant as a modern Odysseus will try to find his Ithaca crossing the Pindos Mountain Range and passing through 6 counties, 57 villages, rough paths, rivers and forest landscapes of infinite beauty to finish in Nafpaktos of Etoloakarnania on 24.06.2017.Athletes will compete in pairs and must use all the skills and competencies they possess to overcome the physical barriers! Furthermore, only the strongest and the most skillful will wear the cycling shirt of the winner! Information:
  8. A few hours left for registrations’ opening! In less than 10 hours, the timer will show zero and the registrations will open! We are counting down until 12:00 in the evening! Already under the timer you can see the links that lead to the registration form for each race. When the timer shows zero, you can select the link of the race you are interested in and fill the registration form. To prepare yourselves and be quick in claiming our offers the mandatory details you have to fill are: Team Name: And for each participant: Surname: Name: Birthday: Address: City: Country: Phone number: Package of participation: Service Package: Dress size: Also, you can see participations on Already shows the teams that at least one athlete had participated in Bike Odyssey 2016. With the opening of the registrations every new team that will be registered it will be added to the list automatically.
  9. Super Deals on participation packages! On 01.12.2016 at 12:00 a.m. (at midnight-30/11 dawn to 1/12) the registrations for Bike Odyssey 2017 will openand will be accompanied by unique offers on participation packages! See the deals for participation packages and try to win the best for you: Offers for 8-day Bike Odyssey Offers for 3-Day Bike Odyssey For any clarification do not hesitate to contact with us!
  10. Find your teammate for Bike Odyssey 2017! You are excited about the race of Bike Odyssey but you can’t find a friend to follow? Now the organization of Bike Odyssey gives you the solution! If you are interested to participate in Bike Odyssey but you don't have teammate, complete and submit the "Expression of interest form" and we will bring you in contact with potential teammates upon request. EXPRESSION OF INTEREST FORM - Find a teammate
  11. Registrations opening for Bike Odyssey 2017! On 01/12/2016 at midnight, 12:00am, will open registrations for Bike Odyssey 2017, the hardest mtb race in Greece! Registrations will remain open until 31/12/2016. Stay tuned now and every day until 1/12, as the official site of Bike Odyssey ( will be continuously updated in structure and there will be changes, for example on routes, rules and participation packages. There will be also great offers on participation packages, which will be announced in next days!
  12. On 18 of June is coming the Bike Odyssey 2017!​ The period from 18 to 25 of June was defined as the date of the Bike Odyssey for 2017! Also, the 3-Day Bike Odyssey will be held on 23-25 June 2017. 8 days – 7 stages & 1 prologue – 620km – 19.800m elevation gain for crossing the biggest mountain range of Greece, Pindos Mountains! The next year’s race will come more refreshed and more exciting than ever! More details will be announced by early September. The team of Bike Odyssey has already begun working feverishly and enthusiastically for the race next year. Bike Odyssey in 2017 will celebrate its 5th birthday! Moreover the Bike Odyssey 2017 is our biggest challenge! We have to to overcome the standards that all of you helped us to build! The appointment was arranged! More info on: Watch the teaser video of the race: