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  1. Claudiu Moga

    Multumesc! Te salut! Motivul este ca m-am surmenat de munca, 8 luni de munca au fost si mi am zis ca merit si eu o vacanta mai serioasa, a fost o memorabila aventura si va urma una epica din nou! Voi avea timp sa lucrez jumate de sezon adica in august, septembrie si octombrie. Motivul real a fost si neintelegere cu cativa colegi care m-au sabotat si au reusit sa se descotoroseasca de mine. Am fost victima. Cineva mi-a stricat capacul la WC si cuptorul cu microunde de la apartamentul unde locuiam in lipsa mea, am fost invinuit ca eu as fi faptasul, asa ca le-a fost usor sa ma concedieze cu doar o saptamana inaintea expirarii contractului. Oricum aveam de gand sa mi dau demisia si sa mi caut alt job la alt hotel.
  2. Claudiu Moga

    Salutare tuturor! Trebuie sa vin cu niste precizari. Regret ca n-am mai putut continua topicul in engleza despre tura mea spre Cipru. Mi s-a ars laptopul si am pierdut toate pozele. Am facut o noua expeditie de 69 zile pe ruta Protaras - Ineu cu multe aventuri intre 14 martie si 21 mai. Pe 15 iunie pornesc intr-o noua tura spre Cipru si cred ca abia la iarna daca nu ma angajez o sa am timp sa-mi scriu aventurile pe forum. Sa auzim doar de bine! Spor la pedalat!
  3. Day 22, Pelin - Ivaylovgrad I cycle in the southern Rhodopes, a scenic and quiet area. The landscapes are quite alluring. I will stop for eating and drinking in Ivaylovgrad. I set up tent and rest 3 km away from this little town. One pole of my tent is broken. Will I make it till Cyprus under these circumstances? Day 23, Ivaylovgrad - Svilengrad - Kapitan Andreevo Today it is very hot and I have nice climbs. My bicycle works very well. I pass through some traditional villages. I meet gorgeous flowers. I pass by Arda storage lake and cycle along it for a few km. I will sleep right before the turkish border at Kapitan Andreevo
  4. Day 20, Zagorsko - greek border - Kirkovo Today I have a nice climb till the greek border where I am not allowed to enter so I return and have a nice time at a petrol station near Kirkovo. Here I meet great young people and I almost fall in love with the beautiful Kamelia. I party a lot, it is such a pity I am so poor and shy now and love will offer me no chance. I will sleep in the area in the sleeping bag. Day 21, Kirkovo - Momchilgrad - Vransko - Pelin I stop in Momchilgrad to eat something at a buffet restaurant. I continue my journey on a secondary road heading for Edirne. I cross a nice river. I meet Fulvio, a rebel turtle that will take a dump on my luggage, sheer good luck shall be bestowed upon me. I pass through such a great forest. # Plenty of rain will hit me again. I will find a nice spot to camp near a village after having a long climb.
  5. Day 19, Asenovgrad - Kardzali - Zagorsko, Today I see many stupid items beside the road. I stop in Kardzali to enjoy a salad. I visit a cemetery to meditate a bit. I can admire lovely flowers. # I have some spectacular clouds. I find a perfect camping spot on a meadow near a river.
  6. Day 18, Banya - Plovdiv - Asenovgrad I arrive in Plovdiv and the rain will be quite merciless with me. I spend all the day in Plovdiv waiting for the rain to stop. I eat some glorious cherries and ayran. Only when the night falls I will be able to continue my journey. I am impressed by the center of this second big city in Bulgaria. I find even a mosque but a quaint statue delights me the most. Very late I will continue cycling and in the next town Asenovgrad, beaten by fatigue I will fall asleep in my sleeping bag right at the bottom of a block of flats.
  7. Day 17, Karnare - Karlovo - Banya Today it is time to say good bye to Stara Planina Mountains. I find tasty canned food. I pass through nice villages with interesting churches and buildings. I meet so many roses. I love flowers especially the poppies! I will celebrate in Banya and sleep next to a petrol station after turning down some gipsies that invited me to a party in the middle of the night.
  8. Day 16, Lovech - Karnare After crossing the Carpathians, today it is time to cross Stara Planina Mountains. I will have to beat a very long climb up to 1525m high. I am cycling in the second largest National Park of Bulgaria. Right on top I come across some nimble deer. I will have a long descent and after I get to the main road and celebrate at a restaurant I will pitch my tent in a very nice spot and sleep very well.
  9. Day 14, Oryakhovo - Pleven Today I will have a lot of rain. I will enjoy a great kofte meal in a restaurant. I stop for a while in an abandoned dwelling. I will spend the night not far from Pleven Day 15, Pleven - Lovech Again I have plenty of rain. I stop to eat some cherries in a spot where a tragical accident took place. I will pitch my tent near Lovech next to some trucks. Across the road there is a petrol station
  10. Day 13, Vidin - Oryakhovo First I cycle along Danube on a road with light traffic. I stop to relax and admire the river. The road is in awful condition, full of potholes. I find delicious canned food. I pass through some nice little towns where time seems to remain placid and still and it reminds me of my communist childhood. I eat some green fruits like in golden times of my early youth. I will sleep in the middle of a field next to some flowers. Life is good when you are a careless cycling vagabond!
  11. Day 11, Hinova - Cujmir Today I will cycle a bit along the Danube River on DN 56A. I stop for a break in a dense forest where I see some mushrooms. The route today is quite boring and the terrain remains very flat. I will spend the night near Cujmir in my tent. Day 12, Cujmir - Calafat - Vidin. Today I cycle in a very poor region in Dolj district. The landscapes are quite dull. I will pass the border to Bulgaria and sleep in my tent near Vidin.
  12. To Mechreja - actually I need to practice my english, I used to be a teacher and translator of English in the past but as I am growing older I forgot it a bit, life sucks sometimes. Day 10, Baile Herculane - Drobeta Turnu Severin - Hinova After resting in the tent near Herculane it is time to continue my journey. I enter an important Nature Reserve. I will cope with the most dangerous section of my itinerary, the road between Orsova and Drobeta is horendous, too many trucks, 2 tunnels and the road is too narrow, no shoulder for cyclists. Across the river I can see Serbia. I get to Drobeta where I will visit the medieval fortress. Here I discover interesting depictions of the glorious past. I meet wonderful guys at a pub who offers me a powerbank as a present, then I eat something good at a cafeteria. I will sleep in a forest next to Danube River near Hinova.
  13. Day 7, 8, 9 - resting and bathing days in Baile Herculane 3 days I will enjoy life in this genuine decrepit gem of Banat Region. I admire the dilapidated buildings. The scenery here is stunning better than in Karlo Vivary or Baden Baden. Most of the day but also the night I will take a dip in a hot tiny lake. The thermal waters here are second to none. I will sleep next to the thermal pool in my sleeping bag. I speak to interesting holidaymakers and one priest tries to persuade me to quit drinking. I eat a delicious pizza. I find a bookshop with interesting photos of yore. I drink good wine at my favorite old tavern. Life is good if you travel well!
  14. Claudiu Moga

    Thank you very much! I am glad to be able to communicate with you again!
  15. Day 5, Oravita - Anina - Bozovici Day 6, Bozovici - Iablanita - Baile Herculane I will enjoy a spectacular day again with fabulous landscapes, traditional villages and lot of sunshine. After Bozovici the nature is very generous, I admire fields full of flowers. I pass through interesting villages like Prilipet, Prigor, Borlovenii Noi. I am glad to discover lots of amazing haystacks. From Iablanita I will leave the national road and turn right on a newly asphalted secondary road, I will have a nice climb then I enter the busy road E70 and soon I will be in Baile Herculane, my favorite spa in Romania.