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    Pai in primul rand am postat la timp liber iar in al doilea rand am o cursiera si ma dau prin banat :D adica nu stiu daca ne-am putea intalni ca nu stiu daca ajung pana la cluj.:D eventual pe la vreo intalnire. sunt din Resita
  2. Marian01

    Sa nu intelegeti gresit;faza nu e sa-mi faca altcineva tema sau sa o copiez,ci sa adun cat mai mult idei sa le intrepun.
  3. Marian01

    pardon acolo e Grinzor,the head of the army thought that would be much better to*...
  4. Marian01

    ok am rezolvat totul se poate sterge topicul iata si rezuma tul filmului:D Somewhere in this Universe there is a planet called Zoringan, where theGlingiriens live.They are in a continuous search for new territories and thanks to an oldconflict with the human race ,theydecide to conquer the planet Earth. They planed a war from which they will destroy the human race. Grinzor,the head of the army thought that would be much betterto be “cautius” regarding The Earthlings andthey send their most reliable “solger”,Zondar ,on Earth to descover their plansand weapons. Arrived on Earth he got himself afalse identity.He meets Katy and he finds out that she works in the extracetialinvestigation department „ where he tried to infiltrate . Discovering theinformations he needed ,he started having doubts about the war to came .Zondarthinks more and more about saing katy the true reason he is on Earth. Thanks to theinformations that he received ,Grinzor tells Zondar that in the next 48 hours The Earth will be under atac ,that’s whenZoringan makes the decizion to tell Katythe truth even if he knew that this will cost him his life. Hearing this, Kateinforms the army and they also prepare a defensive war . Afer those 48 hours Grinzor’s troops arrived on Earth but theywere suprised by the fact that Earth’s army was ready to fight. Afet 3 days of war andbloody fights ,the war ends with the victory of the Earthlings but they decidedto forgive Zondar and to let him join them .
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    Mersi fain de melodii;e The War of the 2 Worlds.
  6. Marian01

    Mersi mult E-1 am rezolvat chestia este un proiect pentru la scoala :D acum daca vrei sa ma ajuti cu altceva te rog.Trebuie sa explic de ce am ales titlul Razboiul celor 2 lumi-The war of the 2 worlds.:D
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    Mersi de ajutor dar trebuie doar sa scriu titlurile melodiilor.Fara sa le pun in aplicatie. Mersi mult!
  8. Marian01

    Salut!Am de facut un film si imi trebuie niste melodii pentru film.Este un Sf asa ca va rog dati-mi ceva nume de melodii.
  9. Marian01

    Ai vazut Razvane ca a afut si Philippe Gilbert sanse..
  10. Marian01

    Philippe Gilbert este invingatorul de anul acest si a castigat si anul trecut,a fost o cursa spectaculoasa
  11. Marian01

    Gata am vazut cand este astazi la 16 :45 eu ma duc sa astept sa inceapa intru cand se termina.
  12. Marian01

    dar in ce zi este?
  13. Marian01

    Cand este cursa?
  14. As dori sa comand si nu stiu cum se face. Ma poate ajuta cineva ?va rog mult.Multumesc