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Found 2 results

  1. Hello, I'm a mexican guy living in Germany at the moment and I'm planning to bike through Romania in august 2013, starting in Timisoara and ending up in Bucharest. I aim for 1300-1500km, following this route more or less: Most likely, I will cover the route on my own, and I intend to camp along the way. My questions overall are: 1) Is it safe to travel by bike, alone, in Romania? 2) Do you know campsites in/near those locations? If so, do you have a website which I could have a look at? 3) Would it be easy to find bike stores along the way? (specially in smaller cities / towns? 4) Should I get worried about bears /stray dogs? 5) Are the high roads (Transalpina / Transfagarasan) open during august? How safe is it for bikers? Any other input would be extremely useful, and of course, anybody who might like to join me is more than welcome to do so! ;) At the moment, I don't think I have more questions, but probably more come up as the date comes sooner :) /Ruben Pabello romania2013.pdf
  2. In August I'm planning a bike tour in the Transilvania and Maramures area. As there are not that many campsites I'm looking other possibilities for camping. Is it safe to go for stealth camping in this area or is there a serious risk to have a bear encounter? Is there a possibility to camp in gardens or on farms? What are your experiences? Thanks a lot!