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  1. Traveller

    I've been thinking for some time to take a tour (or many consecutive ones) through the little saxon towns of Transylvania, which all hide beautiful medieval fortified churches, a glimpse of history, beautiful landscapes and quietude. And because the first step had to be done, I did it on Sunday, April 18th 2010, heading to the Land of the Bârsa river, a region located around the city of Brasov. A sunny spring day had been announced by the weather forecasts. It is now 7 am, the bike awaits for me in the courtyard. At 7.30 I am already in the bike-carriage of the train that will carry me to Brasov (A 1745, 7.30 from Bucharest North Station) The bike facility carriage is packed with cyclists (most of them MTB riders). The Prahova river valley, along which the train carries us: The people get down în Ploieşti, Buşteni, Predeal - heading to their various chosen mountain trails. The situation is more relaxed now ;) Predeal : Only me and a boy with a Fuji race bike get down in Brasov. I am heading to Poiana Brasov mountain resort first, as I want to begin with this 12 km steep climb, where many road cyclists in Romania train themselves. This is my first climb for this year and I must say I wasn't very ready for it, physically speaking. This is it now, pedalling forward on 30/26. The first stop, the first Bellevue point over Braşov. The Central Old City Hall Square can be seen and, here in front of my eyes, the Citadelle Tower. The second bellevue point comes much higher, on the neutral region between the 2 climbings.