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Found 1 result

  1. Hello cycling friends! I will write about a cycling trip of about 1000km I had in april 2010 with a good friend of mine in Transylvania and Wallachia part 1 (The county of Arad) It's 1st of April, it's an important day for me, the day when I met one of the keenest and the best cycle tourer from all the Banat Region. I knew him from the internet and I was so eager to meet him and to set out on a bike tour together. Our meeting place was between Siria and Covasant. It's an historic moment for me and it it is an epoch-making event for the romanian cycle tourism's world. Here we are Carpaticus and Liviu - a dreamy cycle team. The weather is quite cold but I'm wearing summer outfit. With my Kona Sutra bike I cycled 35km in one hour and a few minutes. Now it's time for us to cycle to Ineu, to the place where I live. We stop at Siria to have a beer and then we cycle till Ineu where we have a feast and we chat drinking beer till quite late. Then I give him a room and we go to sleep. Next morning after the breakfast we are ready for the adventure. We take leave of my parents and off we go. The weather is fine, the road is flawless, and the traffic is light. The denuded trees look so desolate.