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Found 2 results

  1. Hello, first - our friends from Poland lost their bikes in Romania, if you know anything, please let them know. Here is info about it. * * * Thanks a lot for your help in thread about a train from Suceava to Sighetu. Fortunately, we met people from Poland who helped us with transport with their car and we haven't even tried to use Romanian rail. But I do appreciate your efforts! :) Here comes our report - a lot of pictures and quite long text. Please use a translator, if you want to know what we think about your country: Cycling Romania - Maramures and Bucovina. In general - Romania was great for us. People, food, nature, architecture, Polish villages... We really liked all of it a lot. And we don't wish your country to change too soon. Contemporary changes in Europe don't always make the world better... :) Thanks again! :) Szy. PS. A few pictures:
  2. Bună ziua, sunt din Polonia, mă numesc Szymon ;) Guys, we are going to visit your country during short trip, from Maramures to Bucovina. Afterwards we think about taking a train from Suceava to Dej (or Salva). I have read bicycle rules on and... I'm not sure, if I understand it correctly. There is written, that I may take a bicycle into Interregio train only, if there is a bicycle icon in timetable. But all IR trains there haven't such icon. So: is it impossible to carry bicycles on Suceava-Cluj Napoca relation? You can find our route and other our bicycle journeys in our travel blog: Cycling Romania: Maramures and Bucovina Mulţumesc! :) All best from Poland, Szy.