Camping suggestions for Danube Trail Bike in July 2015

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Buna Ziua!

Eu sunt din Marea Britanie și în căutarea unor ajutor!
Prietenul meu și cu mine vom fi ciclism de-a lungul partea română a Dunării de la Belgrad la Marea Neagră în luna iulie a acestui an. Avem o carte bună rută și harta, dar ele nu prezintă camping-a lungul traseului. Știi de orice locuri unde există camping bun (sau chiar pe cineva care ne-ar lăsa să tabara in gradina lor!) De-a lungul rutei?

De asemenea, în cazul în care există orice sugestii cu privire la volumul de trafic pe care ne putem aștepta de-a lungul Dunării (va fi ocupat cu camioane grele?)

Vom intra în România la

Kaluderovo apoi urmați raul spre Drobeta Turnu Severin și apoi Calafat, apoi Bechetu, Corabia și pe Giurgiu.

De acolo a Oltenita si Calarasi și la Constanța.

Am de gând să ciclu în jurul valorii de 60 până la 100 km pe zi, în funcție de teren, deci nu vom fi doar oprindu-se la locurile i-au enumerate!

Vă mulțumesc pentru ajutor
I am from the UK and looking for some help!
My friend and I will be cycling along the Romanian side of the Danube from Belgrade to the Black Sea in July this year. We have a good route book and map but they do not show any camping sites along the route. Do you know of any places where there is good camping (or even someone who would let us camp in their garden!) along the route?
Also if there is any suggestions as to the volume of traffic that we can expect along the Danube (will it be busy with heavy lorries?)
We will enter Romania at
Kaluderovo then follow the river to Drobeta Turnu Severin and then Calafat, then Bechetu, Corabia and on to Giurgiu.
From there to Oltenita and Calarasi and on to Constanta.
We plan to cycle around 60 to 100km per day depending on the terrain so we will not just be stopping at the places i have listed!
Thank you for your help
I translated this with Google Translate ( ihope it makes sense!)

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HI there, welcome!


Actually the English makes more sense, but no problem :P

I'm going to move this topic to International.


The traffic won't be heavy as long as you avoid European Roads (so stay clear of E70, E79).

The roads are all charted on Maps Google, they are asphalted but their quality is mediocre. 

Still they should be fine for bike touring.


I don't know any campings, I guess you can stealth-camp at sun-down or request someone's permission to camp in their yard (at churches, maybe).


Cheers and keep in touch!

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Hi Traveller


Thanks for the reply. I hate using Google translate as I know it often does not make much sense!


Unfortunately we do have to travel on the E70 but only for about 10/15km the rest of the journey will be on main rods or secondary roads.


we are a little worried about stealth camping and will plan our days so that we finish in a town or village.


The idea of asking to camp at a chuch seems like a good one which i am certain we will try!


Another thing that is bothering me is the temperatures in summer. We are from the UK and the temperature is usually around 20/25 degrees  (the absolute maximum we get in summer is 32 degrees (and that is very unusual!)) but we will be carrying lots of water and sunblock and afer all you cannot change the weather!!


Thanks again, and yes, I hope to keep in touch.

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Yes, the temperature in summer, especially in the southern part of Romania, is quite high (average 28 centigrades, record high 42 centigrades).


I don't know if accomodation at a hotel/pension suits you, the below are added just at first glance:

Calafat: http://cazare-calafat.viaromania.eu/

Bechet: http://cazarebechet.ro/

Corabia: http://www.infopensiuni.ro/cazare-corabia/#

Turnu Magurele: http://www.infopensiuni.ro/cazare-turnu-magurele/#

Giurgiu: http://www.infopensiuni.ro/cazare-giurgiu/#

Calarasi: http://cazare-calarasi.viaromania.eu/


You will be crossing the Danube by ferry at Calarasi (12 RON/cyclist). Then the real spectacular landscapes will begin. But also the hills and head wind :).

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First of all, welcome.


You will enter in Romania at Naidas (Kaluderovo is on the Serbian side of the frontier).


From Naidas, only 20 km North-Est is a little town called Oravita.

Here you can see the oldest theater in Romania, built in 1817 by the Austrians (back them, this part of Romania was included in the Hapsburg Empire).

A few words and some pictures about this theater (in Romanian):



Also between Oravita and Anina there is a spectacular old mountain railway, built (also by the Austrians) in 1863 and still in service, after more than 150 years.

More about this railway (in English):



Returning to Naidas, you can cycle on DC 571 C (is visible on Google Maps), which runs close to the Serbian border untill you reach the Danube.

I did a cycling tour last summer in this area.

You can see some pictures here (in Romanian), from Naidas, all the way till Orsova:



Also, a cycling trip done a few years ago in the Southern half of Dobrogea (in English):



For sure you can camp in the (big) yard of Apus de Soare (Sunset in Romanian) pension in Bazias (only in Romanian):



Here is not an organized camping, but the owners are kind people (and the food, cooked by an old lady, is delicious).


Also, along the Danube bank, till the Iron Gates, you will see a lot of fishermans with their tents.

I guess that you can camp near them.


It will be wise to camp near other tents, because in the area might be (depending of the weather) vipers and other snakes.

Don't get me wrong, there is not an area full of vipers, but is good to take care.

Also the climate here is some kind of Mediteraneean one, with fig trees and other plants that are not quite common in the rest of Romania.


If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask.

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Between Turnu Magurele and Giurgiu a suggest to cross the border and cycle in Bulgaria. There is absolutely nothing interesting to see. You' ll just cross a lot of villages populated almost entirely by gipsies. It is not recommended to stop and don't even think about to camp in that area. Also there is no accomodation available there.

If you don't stop, you'll be fine. A lot of kids will say hi and beg for money, but you'll be safe.

Turnu Magurele - Nikopole is served by ferry and between Ruse and Giurgiu there is a bridge.

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