Mountain Bike in Apuseni Mountains

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Hello everyone,


First of all, sorry I don't speak Romanian. I'm trying to learn some words before I come but never enough to write, I'm afraid.


My name is Cepe and I'm coming with a friend to Romania for the first time early May. We want to visit Cluj-Napoca then the Apuseni Mountains by bike. I've found a bit of information but not exactly what I'm looking for, knowing:

  • Are there any routes or biking trails available in the mountains and is it easy without a guide to explore?
  • Is it possible to rent a bike in a city like Albac?
  • Can it be possible to rent a bike in Cluj and move to the Apuseni from there and tour the mountains for 4 - 5 days?
  • Is it easy to find accommodation? 


Of course, we want to see some caves but we'd love to get "lost" in the moutains to have amazing landscapes and sleep in Padis or somewhere remote at a local's house for example. Is it needed to book in advance because of many tourists or is it pretty quiet early May?


Thanks for your help,


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Hi Cepe and welcome!


I've gathered some information for you.


Here are some tourist accommodations in Apuseni Mountains that offer bike rental services  (the page is in Romanian, but you can easily translate it in English in Google Chrome)

I presume that in May is not necessary to book in advance (except the week-ends), but is a good idea to check availability on for the period you intend to visit the area.


In Cluj you can rent a bike at Transylvania eXtreme Adventures or Polartek,.Check availability by e-mail or phone.


It would be helpful if you can share the planned route, the cyclists from Cluj or adjacent counties will help with more useful info.


Have a nice ride!

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Hi fizikant,


Thanks for your feedback.


The website is perfect to see pensions providing bike rental. Some are really close to the Mountains so they could be great to start. Just need to find how to get there :)


I actually don't have a planned route yet but basically, we're two people arriving in Cluj on April 30th and planning to leave for the Apuseni mountains on May 1st and come back to Cluj on May 5th to visit the city then on May 7th/8th do daily expeditions around Cluj such as Turda, Remetea and maybe Corvin but looks a bit too far. That's the idea!


In the Apuseni moutains, we're looking to discover the landscapes and see the nature, get some fresh air, discover the local life by cycling around. So not necessarily do a heavy load of cycling every day but discovering the nature by bike and get in the mountains and the forests by bike if possible. And stay at pensions at night as we won"t have equipment for camping. We thought that early May is gonna be too cold for that maybe.


Thanks for your help,


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